Digital Impressions

Going to the dentist just got easier. The Digital Impression System is the latest technology instituted by Dr. Clemenza as part of the goal to provide more conveniences for patients.

The 3M True Definition Scanner not only delivers powerful 3-dimensional video-based scanning technology but it provides precision for digital impressions. In fact, 99.84% of impressions taken with the device are placed successfully without a remake required.

No more goop is needed in the impression trays. A lightweight wand that is the size of a dental instrument is utilized to obtain the impressions. The digitally scanned images are e-mailed to the dental lab. Since models are eliminated, faster turnarounds are possible in some cases, even in as quick as a day.

This high-tech method also allows Dr. Clemenza to review the digital video instantly to determine whether another image is needed. In viewing the preparation magnified on a flat-screen TV, she also can evaluate the impression to make any changes before the lab fabricates the restoration.

This new impressions device also records the bite registration distance digitally with nothing between the teeth rather than the conventional ceramic materials. This advanced technique reduces the risk of an inadequate spacing. This 21st century technology now is available for restorative dentistry.