Teeth in a Day

The days of missing teeth as well as loose-fitting or painful dentures are over. An innovative implant technique allows patients to obtain new teeth in as quickly as one day.

The DIEM® 2 procedures provide fixed prostheses on four or more implants to replace entire upper and/or lower sets of teeth. The surgical treatment can be done in the same day with minimal recovery time. In fact, many patients experience only minor soreness the next day.

The result is new teeth that not only look and feel natural, but the ability to eat all types of food is restored. A youthful appearance can be regenerated through bone-level stabilization.

The new implant from BIOMET 3i is designed to deliver the best cosmetic results through tissue preservation. Bone grafting is not required in most cases.

Advanced technology provides precision at every step of the process. Those modern devices include Digital Impressions and Digital Radiography. (See Technology page)

Dr. Clemenza can discuss the details of this implant technique that has long-term success as well as determine if you are a candidate.