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Your First Visit

At your first visit, you will receive a comprehensive examination. This includes a detailed evaluation of your teeth, soft tissue, bite and more. A complete set of X-rays will be taken as well as diagnostic models and photographs if necessary. After your examination, our dental hygienists will gently remove plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth and help establish an oral hygiene routine that will keep your teeth healthy.


For those who have lost permanent teeth, dental implants can offer you a chance to smile again. After all, they are solid, secure, and aesthetic. An implant is a surgical grade titanium post that is manufactured to highly precise specifications and then surgically inserted into the jawbone below the gum surface. As the bone bonds to the post, it forms a secure foundation onto which your new teeth attached and shaped to match your structure.

Teeth in a Day

The days of missing teeth as well as loose-fitting or painful dentures are over. An innovative implant technique allows patients to obtain new teeth in as quickly as one day.


Many people desire a brighter, cleaner, and more attract smile, but they have chipped, stained, discolored, unevenly spaced, or even slightly crooked front teeth. Often porcelain veneers or laminates can provide these individuals with a new smile in just a few appointments.


Crowns protect your teeth from damage and preserve your natural bite. Dr. Clemenza only uses all-porcelain crowns that look more natural because of the precise color matching systems that are available.


Teeth whitening is a safe, effective and lasting way to lighten most people’s smiles. Several methods are available today, including a new technique that Dr. Clemenza has devised.


We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. When extensive dental care is necessary, financial arrangements can be made with our Treatment Coordinator. Please ask us about our financing plans, including Care Credit. (Go to site.) Our primary concern is your dental health. Nonetheless, we will be sensitive to your financial situation.